Author: Scott Riley

  • Are you Beer Color Blind?

    Do you like Dark Beers or avoid them like the plague?  Why is a Fest Beer golden or an Oktoberfest orangish brown?  Does the beer’s color affect its flavor?  What is color and how is it measured in beer? The frequencies an object radiates electromagnetic radiation determines the color we […]

  • What’s in your glass?

    When celebrating, or just relaxing, beer is a great beverage choice. Have you ever wondered what’s hiding under that foamy head? Beyond the great taste and relaxing effects, beer is complex with a rich chemistry that contributes to its flavor, aroma, color, and overall enjoyability.


    One of our favorite holidays of the year is just around the corner and we’ve got St. Patricks Day celebrations in full swing here at the pub! If you’re in the area, be sure to stop in for one of our freshly-tapped, CBH Irish Red Ales and become Irish by […]

  • Oktoberfest, it’s coming…

    Ok, so many of you are not as into Marzen, or Oktoberfest Beers as I am. Besides the CBH Oktoberfest that Dave Fitch has brewed for us here, and that is fermenting quite nicely in the Brew pub as you read this, we have already acquired the following Oktoberfest beers […]

  • What is a saisonnier?

    A saisonnier is a French seasonal worker and in our context a seasonal farm worker in belgium. These hard working people were the man consumers of French Farm House Ales or Saisons as we like to call them.   Our latest brew at the Cambridge House Brew Pub is a […]

  • When does one equal two?

    When is one beer actually two beers?   At the Cambridge House Brew Pub of Granby we brew our beer 7 barrels at a time. That’s typically 7 barrels of one style. But sometimes, one brew can actually be two.   So how did we make two beers out of […]

  • MikeY says……

    Hello All,    My name is Mike Yates and I am the brewer here at CBH.  I took over the brewing duties this summer and have been busy ever since.   I have been keeping our Flagship brews IPA and Kolsch on tap all the time and rotating other favorites.   Currently we have an old […]

  • Wet Hops Coming to CBH Granby!

    I’m back again and super excited for new up and coming IPAs at the Cambridge House. Now these won’t be our everyday flagship IPA people…We are having FRESH HOPS  flown in overnight from Washington state! Freshly picked and ready to start a brewin’. CBH will be tapping 2 different wet hopped beers […]