What is a saisonnier?

A saisonnier is a French seasonal worker and in our context a seasonal farm worker in belgium. These hard working people were the man consumers of French Farm House Ales or Saisons as we like to call them.


Our latest brew at the Cambridge House Brew Pub is a saison we call the Farmer’s Daughter.


This style of beer took on the name saison due to the seasonality of its appearance. French farmers would brew beer during the winter while they weren’t tending the fields. This beer would then be served to the saisonniers when they worked the summer fields. These were a lucky bunch of hard working seasonal employees for the farmers. Phil Markowski of Two Roads Brewing has written an entire book on farmhouse ales and suggests that saisonniers were entitled to five liters of these delicious saisons each work day!

And I thought the French were known for wines.


Stop in to try our Farmer’s Daughter and let us know if this beer lives up to it’s heritage.

Remember we have a full food menu and full bar in our tasting room!  We are a Brewpub!

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