Wet Hops Coming to CBH Granby!

I’m back again and super excited for new up and coming IPAs at the Cambridge House.

Now these won’t be our everyday flagship IPA people…We are having FRESH HOPS  flown in overnight from Washington state! Freshly picked and ready to start a brewin’.

CBH will be tapping 2 different wet hopped beers mid/late September. For those who are unfamiliar, the term “wet hops” means the hops were just harvested, aka super fresh!  These will be real special beers we can only make once a year.  Hops, as most crops, are only harvested during the fall here in the northern hemisphere. Out near the Yakima valley, brewers have had the luxury of using fresh hops for many years.  Beer connoisseurs have long enjoyed these very rare seasonal beers and soon you can too!

Our first beer will be an IPA made with 40 lbs fresh Centennial hops which are scheduled to be picked on Thursday, September 5th and delivered the very next day.  Centennial hops are one of the Big C hops used in America, the other two are Cascade and Columbus. They add citrus notes, spicy notes, and a real nice bite of flavor.

We have actually decided to brew the second beer as a Pale Ale using 30 lbs of Mosaic hops.  This new breed of hops are an offspring of the famous Simcoe hops you may already know a bit about if you have enjoyed our award winning IPA.  Mosaic hops are named for their wide range of flavors and aromas, citrusy, earthy, and fragrant. 

If you love hops, like I do, these are sure to please your hoppy senses. So add us on Facebook and check for our tapping dates! Until then try out our original IPA, our German style Kolsch, or our limited “Double D” scotch ale and Steel Cut Oatmeal Stout!

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