2015 GABF – Can I get there from here?

This year was very hectic for me leading up to the GABF.   Our Chef Tom gave two weeks’ notice a week prior to the GABF, due to personal reasons with which I really understand and sympathize. The same day our Assistant Manager Nick gave notice he is moving on to a career with the Marriot! Unfortunately for me our other creative kitchen spirit and extremely hard working Chef Suzy is in the midst of wedding frenzy and will be gone a BIG chunk of October.


Well I figured I had better start in the Kitchen, so luckily I received a good number of responses to a quick advertisement for Chef/Kitchen manager! Sorting through resumes and talking to applicants and their references there were two that seemed like they would fit in nicely. One was selected and offered the position. This is really moving fast, much faster than I am normally comfortable acting.  The day the new chef was to start I got a call early in the morning. He had an accident and tore a tendon in his ankle, had been in the hospital most of the night and could not walk for a few days.


Thank God, the other good fit was still available and interested.   He came into work on Tuesday (the morning I called him to see if he was still interested) and I left for Denver, with slight trepidation on Wednesday!   Our outgoing Chef Tom worked with new chef John through Thursday and with the help of our seasoned kitchen staff Suzy, Paully, Dave, Shelby, Amor, Mathew, Cristian, Amy, Roxy, Alex and Marlon it seems that Chef Tom is going to do well!


Next for some management.   Vichi helped out tremendously while I was in Denver. Jenny, Michele, Dawn, and even Roxy will be stepping up to fill the void left by Nick.   So please make sure to say “hi” if you see them in the pub!  I’ll try to keep you posted and fill you in on the Guild Booth action at this years 2015 GABF shortly…..

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