Summer is Here, Try Our New Wheat Beer!

As of last week, CBH just added a new wheat beer to our board to kick off the summer season! Our CBH Hefeweizen Beer is our traditional German wheat beer with notes of banana and clove, brewed right here in our brewery! For those who are unfamiliar with what German wheat beer is, they are made with malted wheat, sometimes in combination with malted barley as well. It is also known to be a top-fermented beer, which means it is brewed with a large proportion of wheat, and therefore, will impact the overall flavor and smell of the beer. Wheat beer is tracked to be one of the oldest beers to date, made from wheat and malted barely. They also typically have yeast-like characteristics, a dry finish, and are high in carbonation.

If you come in and decide to try our CBH Hefeweizen Beer (which we think you most definitely should), you will find it to be a smooth and refreshing pale wheat ale. The smell of our Hefeweizen Beer gives off banana and clove-like scent and it appears cloudy, and a light pale yellow color. When poured, it will have a lasting foamy white head with a little hop to it. It has a soft bread-like and grainy flavor, which comes off as sweet tasting.

I have had the pleasure to personally taste the CBH Hefeweizen Beer and found to enjoy the sweet and unique taste of this wheat beer, which also has complementary notes of banana and clove to add! I would recommend the Hefeweizen Beer for anyone who is not a fan of the heavier or hoppier beers (like our IPAs) we have on tap, because it is a lighter ale opposed to our more darker beers.

We’re excited to have added this wheat beer to the menu for our customers to come try! Stop in and cool off by trying our CBH Hefeweizen Beer and let us know if you enjoy it as much as we do!

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