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The Cambridge House Brew Pub

Hi, there! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood brewer. Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been very busy these last few months behind the scenes here at the Cambridge house settling into the job and getting my brewhouse set up the way I like it. I very much hope you’ve been enjoying my concoctions- the feelings I get from you guys enjoying the fruits of my labor are why I do this job!

Anyways, I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about some of the beers we’re going to be pouring soon, so let’s start with Oktoberfest! Among my favorite times of year and beers to drink, Oktoberfest has amazing character. The beer is rich and malty and full of body, and warms you up just right as the nights and evenings begin to grow cold while at the same time being just dry and refreshing enough to enjoy a liter or three on a hot afternoon in a biergarten somewhere. Indeed, an excellent Märzen may be the perfect beer. Festbier is very much in the same vein, only where the Märzen leans to the rich and malty side, the Festbier veers light and dry. This year, I’ve picked out some of the best Märzens and Festbiers I could find as well as brewed the best one I was able in the hopes that you could all have the chance to enjoy one of my favorite things as much as I do.

Not to come across overly maudlin about Oktoberfest, I do have a few other things about which I am very excited coming up in the near future. First, many of you have tried our new red ale “Eighteen Days In The Mine,” but did you know it was brewed in honor of John Hinson— the first person inprisioned in our local Old New-Gate Prision. Interestingly he was also the first person to escape from New-Gate Prison in 1774 after just 18 days? We have teamed up with with Old New-Gate Prison to brew beer for their “Halloween at Old New-Gate Prison” event in East Granby on October 12th and 19th this year!

Moving forward towards the winter holidays, I will be brewing many stouts. The first of which will be out in just a couple of weeks. It will also be the first beer to be getting a cask version under my tenure here, followed around halloween by our belgian spiced pumpkin ale with its own cask version. Expect another post with more details soon. Don’t worry IPA lovers, I’ll always keep something hoppy around.

I guess the last thing I’d like to get across is two fold. I love getting to meet you, answer any questions you have about the liquid and all that, and I really do appreciate your feedback. I also happily consider any and all suggestions, including and especially names! Tell your bartender to stick a note in a bucket if I’m not around, but feel free to flag me down if you see me!

Thanks again for reading, drinking and hanging out at the pub. To those of you I haven’t met as yet, I look forward to meeting you. To everyone else, thank you for accepting me into your bar. I look forward to being around for a long time supplying delicious beers.

Ben Adams

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