The New Normal!

Hey everybody, Ben the brewer here to tell you about our latest offering; CBH Fruit Salad Sour! This beer was a labor of love for me, as sours are my favorite beer to make as well as drink. I’ve had so little opportunity to do so since joining the CBH family and thanks to your response to my berlinerweisse, Scott has taken the reigns off to let me do it again- this time with gusto!

CBH Fruit Salad Sour

The first thing you’ll notice about this beer is the ultra fine, fluffy pink head. Being a higher carbonated beer, it is important not only from a visual standpoint– as those tiny bubbles start to pop they bring a wave of aroma to whet your palate. Right below that periwinkle foam you’ll find a delightfully tart deep burgundy liquid that is overflowing with blackberry and cherry flavor! As it coats your mouth and you acclimate to the tartness, subtle hints of tangerine make themselves known with a delicate sweetness that is extremely refreshing. After you swallow the effervescence lingers for a moment in a nearly inexplicably invigorating way for a beer so full bodied.

The soft mouth feel of the beer is owed in part to the fabulous spelt and emmer wheat that were grown right here in northern CT by Thrall Farms. Their flavor is so distinct from normal wheat malt, I wish they grew enough to use in more beers. The grains add subtle notes of fresh cut hay, sweet orange honey and freshly baked Graham cracker that I feel are essential to rounding out the complex flavors of this beer- like the subtle shading in a portrait that brings its subject to life.

I am so happy to have been able to make this beer to share with all of my friends at CBH, not long after my first anniversary here. Please enjoy, my friends. Drink up and be merry.

I am so thankful for you all.


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