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Copper Hill Kolsch

2005 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner!

2005 & 2006 Great International Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner!

German Style Light Ale selected by Steve Schmidt.
Smooth, easy drinking with subtle noble hop character. 4.8%ABV

Abijah Rowe IPA

2005 Great International Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner!

Traditional English India Pale Ale originally developed by Steve Schmidt.
Brewed with all English malt & hopped with a blend of English & American hops. High in strength, bitterness & aroma. 6.9% ABV

Alt – 45

2006 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal Winner!

Alt, German for “old,” is a traditional medium-bodied ale in which we use an array of the finest German malts & a generous smount of noble hops to produce a crisp, clean and refreshing “bier.” 5.2% ABV

Three Steve Stout

2009 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal Winner!

A delicious Irish stout.

Rock Bock

A rich, malty German lager featuring copious quantities of Munich malt. We super heated granite blocks and dipped them in the boil to get some nice caramel notes in the brew then we threw them in the fermenter to add some more mineral flavors. 6.9%ABV

Pigskin Brown

An amped up London Brown with a smooth, malty character featuring toffee, golden raisin and coffee undertones. 6.8%

Moonbeam Stout

A Jim Beam Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout. 9.8%ABV It was good while it lasted!
Originally brewed by Steve Luke who is working on his own brewery in Seattle, WA.

Crescent Moon Stout

A delicious Imperial Stout. 9.8%ABV Even without bourbon barrel aging!


Our take on a session IPA, not easy to keep the abv low with plenty of mouthfeel.

Disco Boy Pale Ale

This is a true English and American hybrid, hope you got the chance to try this one?

CBH Drunk Monk

If you like Belgian Trippels then this one is for you

End of Days

A barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout brewed to celebrate out living the Mayan calendar!

Double “D”

This scotch ale won our Homebrew contest in 2014 and we decided it must be brewed at the pub. A real favorite of the ladies!
The brewer Dennis Decker has gone on to open Pinellas Ale Works in St. Petersburg, FL

Oakwood Mild

This English session went fast! Dana Borque won our first homebrew contest with this recipe and has gone on to open Firefly Hollow in Bristol, CT!

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