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Copper Hill Kolsch

2005 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner!

2005 & 2006 Great International Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner!

German Style Light Ale selected by Steve Schmidt.
Smooth, easy drinking with subtle noble hop character. 4.8%ABV

Abijah Rowe IPA

2005 Great International Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner!

Traditional English India Pale Ale originally developed by Steve Schmidt.
Brewed with all English malt & hopped with a blend of English & American hops. High in strength, bitterness & aroma. 6.9% ABV


Our latest New England IPA features a blend of new world hops and heavy dry hopping. Big flavors of mango, pineapple, citrus and a creamy mouthfeel contrasted by just enough bitterness keep it all in check! 7% ABV

Three Steve Stout

2009 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal Winner!

A delicious Irish stout.

Rock Bock

A rich, malty German lager featuring copious quantities of Munich malt. We super heated granite blocks and dipped them in the boil to get some nice caramel notes in the brew then we threw them in the fermenter to add some more mineral flavors. 6.9%ABV

Granby Haze DIPA

An amped up IPA with gobs of Cirta and Simcoe hops. Big flavors and a big body make this DIPA one you don’t want to miss! 9.0% ABV

CBH Irish Red

Our fan favorite Irish red ale is brewed with locally sourced and malted barley, crystal and black patent malt, then generously hopped with traditional Fuggle and East Kent Golding hops. Smooth, easy drinking with plenty of character! 4.2% ABV


A classic English Special Bitter is a staple in pubs across the UK, and we’ve brought a taste of that home! Our ESB is brewed in the most traditional way possible, but with local ingredients. Light toffee and roasted flavors alongside earthy and spicy English hops. 4.5% ABV

CBH Punk Crusher Barleywine

Sometimes you just want something that throws a brick of flavor to start a riot on your palate. Our Punk Crusher Barleywine does just that! 10% ABV

CBH Ominous Forecast

Dark as night, but light as day. This black lager will surprise you! 4.5% ABV


Many people young and old alike have been a fan of a certain perennial blue ribboned beer, so we figured we’d make some improvements! This all American Lager was a labor of love using all American ingredients, time and patience. It is sure to quench your thirst! Light and easy drinking, but with a complex flavor showcasing the best grains and hops to come out of the US! 4.9% ABV

CBH Reinheitsgebot Oktoberfest

Our Oktoberfest beer is a classic Märzen lager
brewed in the most traditional way we could manage.
A full decoction mash and the best German munich,
vienna and pilsner malt combine with generous helpings
of tettenanger, hallertau mittlefrüh and mandarina bavaria.
Rich, but not overly so, this beer has a delicious
breadiness with subdued pilsner sweetness that will make
you think you’re in the fatherland for Oktoberfest and a finish
that encourages another drink! Lagered for over six weeks,
this beer is of brilliant clarity, unfiltered and 100% compliant
with the German Purity law from which it takes its name.
Ask for an oktoberfest if you can’t pronounce it,
we’ll figure it out! 5.7% ABV

CBH All I Want Is More! IPA

CBH’s first milkshake IPA was brewed with exotic southern hemisphere hops, michigan milk sugar and every last oat we could fit in the mash! This rich and creamy IPA features flavors of orange creamsicle, papaya and mango. Don’t miss out when we have it on tap! 6.4% ABV

CBH Hipster Juice NEIPA

Hipster Juice is our rotating single-hop IPA series. Every batch we tweak the grain bill and yeast strain to showcase the rainbow of flavors that can be produced by a single variety of hop. 6.5% ABV

CBH A Machine Is Like A Desert

“The Machine” is a rich and robust sweet stout brewed with cacao and fermented on coconut. Its velvety mouthfeel, restrained sweetness and big flavors make you feel like you’re drinking a Mounds Bar! 8.2% ABV

CBH Blueberry Ale

Our bright and refreshing blueberry session ale is a delightful and flavorful way to enjoy Sussman’s Farm blueberries on a hot day. It has plenty of blueberry flavor, but it’s still a beer! 4.0% ABV


DA BOY is a modern take on a classic west coast IPA. Clean and crisp, but with the big fruit flavors modern IPA enthusiasts crave. 6.4% ABV

CBH Drunken Punkin’

Drunken Punkin’ is our fall seasonal Old Ale brewed with local sugar pumpkins and spices. Dark, complex, spicy and a little sweet. Not a pumpkin pie. 4.2% ABV

CBH Berlinerweisse

Our traditional German Berlinerweisse is a lightly tart low alcohol ale brewed with local barley, wheat, spelt and emmer. It is light bodied, complex and refreshing. Try it the Bavarian way with some fruit or woodruff syrup! 3.2% ABV

CBH Fruit Salad Sour

Our latest sour beer is a little more modern than the berlinerweisse. It is higher in alcohol, with more body and more tartness. Pours a lovely pink head over a deep purple beer. Tart and effervescent with huge fruit flavor and a subtle citrus kiss over a delicate malt backbone. Fermented on copious amounts of blackberry and tart cherry and dry hopped with Citra. 6.1% ABV

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