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Title Bartender/Manager
Categories Bar/Mgr
Salary hourly plus tips
Location Granby, CT
Job Information

This can be a part-time or full-time position and you must be an experienced bartender.  The shifts assigned during your initial training period will vary but will evolve to a standard fixed schedule possibly including a weekend shift(s) and some weekday shift(s).  The successful candidate will be required to periodically mutually backup the other Bartender/Managers for time off.

You should be good with the public and able to make customers feel comfortable.  Attendance is crucial,  if you need time off you must work other Bartender/Managers to cover all shifts. You should be cognizant of cost and able to controll beer and liquor costs during your shifts.  Of course keeping the bar clean is very important, we never want to fail a health inspection or battle fruit flies. The ability to read individuals and provide constructive feedback to the kitchen and management so we can keep our customers returning is just as important. Daily closing, cash handling, and understanding the daily financial reports are critical to your job as well.

You must manage the FOH at least one night a week: This involves cutting staff, assigning and checking sidework, cashing out servers and the dining room, resolving customer and POS issues, and may include social media media posts and other back office tasks. There can also be some serving shifts available to round out a nice schedule if you’d like to work more frequently.

If you like working and are good at bartending and managing the FOH we want you! Tips training is required. Servesafe and cpr training a plus! Must be experienced with POS and quality service.  We are a small independent hospitality business.  It is important you take your job responsibilities seriously and always strive for improvement.

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